Sycamore Creek Country Club

2017 Membership Application

  • Application for Membership
  • Member
  • Spouse
  • Children (Under Age 26)
  • Please Rate Your Interest in the Following Amenities: 5-Very Important 1-No Interest
  • Invitation Agreement

    By signing below, I agree that, should my invitation for membership be accepted, I am to be liable for all charges to my account by myself and my family members, and to pay those charges in accordance with Sycamore Creek Country Club by-laws. Should such amounts be referred for collection, I agree to be responsible for all costs of collection including, but not limited to, court costs and attorney's fees.

    I understand fully that this is an invitation for membership, which will be acted upon in a timely manner following receipt of it and all required supporting materials, by an independent vote of the Board of Directors of Sycamore Creek Country Club, whose decision is final.

  • Following a successful posting and new member orientation, the application for membership appears before the Board for approval. The Board of Directors at the regular monthly board meetings or via electronic ballot will consider all invitees for membership for approval. In the electronic ballot process, if one vote against the prospective members is presented, the member will be brought before the Board for discussion at their next meeting. At the regular monthly meeting, if two (2) or more votes against approval of an invitation, the invitation is thereby withdrawn, and the individual will be so notified by letter accompanied by return of all payments tendered with the invitation.

    After a successful vote by the Board, an Invitation for Membership will be extended. The invitation form must have the signature of two (2) members in good standing as sponsors. Appropriate payment or scheduling for payment for the initiation will be completed before a member number is assigned and access to the club is granted.



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